Rush Limbaugh

Rush did exactly that, as he ran away with the votes and became the obvious people's choice.  So after alerting the press that I was ending the current Celebrity Death Poll early and immediately, we were able to round up the old, angry, and overweight political mouthpiece; Mr. Limburger...I mean Limbaugh. 

This time around we headed back to my hometown of Honolulu Hawaii and had ourselves a luau. This was a starr studded event too. Micheal J. Fox was on hand and happily volunteered to pin sliced pineapples and cherries to the fatback side of Rush for the slanderous remarks made about his condition. While presidential candidate Barack Obama himself opted to shove a pineapple up Limbaugh's fat pimpled ass in return for Rush calling him "Half-rican American".

Well, I had to contribute I just stole his bottles of prescription pain killers and distributed them to everybody at the party. We then relaxed to the soft strumming of a ukulele and hula dancing as an open pit barbecue smoked the flesh of an overrated, draft dodging, loudmouthed hypocrite; Rush Limbaugh.