Mid-Janu-Scary Update!!

First post of the new year, in my new "News" blog feature thingiemabobber. I ditched the old news feature because it took way too long to update and simply wasn't cutting it anymore. ;)  Thanks for being patient, here's a slew of new art for everyone...

Almost 70 NEW IMAGES!! Including A BRAND NEW PAGE!!

A.C.E.O. Cards: (NEW PAGE)
42 new images

Horror Art:
12 new images

Death Poll:
5 new Dead Celebs!!

Tattoo Art:
5 new images

Published Art:
3 new images

Album Art:
2 new images

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you check back regularly for new A.C.E.O. cards and an all new Celebrity Death Poll.

Rot on!


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