Kevin Federline

This is the winning celeb...or losing, depending on how you look at it. Kevin Federline was voted as the next celebrity to die!!! I figured since he's been getting himself involved in pro-wrestling recently, what better place to execute K-Fed than on live Pay Per View in the ring?

So I decided to then contact Hell and ask my buddy to hook me up with something small, gross, and evil. Something capable of tearing a man to shreds, but small enough to fit in a burlap sack. With K-Fed in custody (Britney turned him in), our new little monster, and a sold out crowd, we were ready to get the event underway.

Kevin was handcuffed, fitted with a noose, and perched on top of a steel chair. With a backwards 3 count, roaring fans, and all of the cameras in the arena popping off like glitter bombs, I could barely contain my excitement. Vince McMahon kicked the folding chair out from underneath K-Fed as I dumped the freakish creature on the mat beneath his twitching feet. The man-eating blob hopped around gnashing it's teeth and taking bit by bit of our helpless wannabe with each bounce.

It was a deliciously nasty and bloody main event. Thanks to each of you that voted. Now, where did that big killer snot bubble bounce off to?