Gene Simmons

Howdy gang!! Welcome to another (and quite possibly the nastiest) edition of Dick Starr's Celebrity Death Poll. This time around, you've aimed your sights at Kiss front man and greasy sleazeball de'jour...Gene Simmons. I couldn't be more excited.

Today I've enlisted in the help of a long time friend and Madam to the stars, Heidi Fleiss to provide me with the prober bait for our target. Heidi was more than happy to lend me the right lady for such a special occasion. She immediately brought out a feisty blond bombshell named Mann-Ita that was all riled up and ready to go. Heidi placed the phone call to Gene telling him that he would be her guest of honor at the brothel that evening. He'll be here in 30mins.

The plan was to convince him to let Mann-Ita tie him up and strip him down. Once that was taken care of, she'd be able to set up the tri pod and camera to get a good shot of the kill. This plan seemed like a stretch, but ended up being surprisingly easy. Gene arrived and immediately demanded to be stripped naked and tied up in the bedroom. He then insisted that Mann-Ita set up the video camera that he brought with him to record the entire As soon as Mann-Ita got on top of Mr. Simmons, he stuck out his lengthy tongue to lick her hand. Mann Ita quickly clinched her hand into a fist around his pulsating mouth muscle and yanked. She pulled and tugged until fibers tore and blood poured. Eventually, this got really gruesome. Guts and bile started making their way out of his body and that's when I stopped the tape.

It looks like Mann Ita has a brand new kill to add to her resume, and a big one at that. Gene had always tried capitalizing on that tongue of his, and now all it got him was a long and agonizing trip to the morgue. Thanks to Heidi Fleiss for her assistance and to all of you for voting.