Dr. Phil

This just in…Dr. Phil’s show has officially been canceled!!! Your votes have been cast, tallied, put to work, and the deed… was indeed…met with completion. In other words, Dr. Phil is the newest member of Dick Starr’s Celebrity Death Poll, and forever placed into syndicated Hell.

I received an email from an unknown source today claiming to have already taken care of the current Celebrity Death Poll winner/loser for me. There was a file attached to the note entitled “You’re Welcome”. Upon opening the attachment and looking at the picture, I saw that the Doc had finally gotten smashed. I know he’s never been drunk before, but at least now he can say he was totally hammered. Dr. Chill only really cared about getting his face on television anyhow…so the Flat-screen T.V. bashed over his melon actually seems very fitting...unlike most of his shirts.

Considering the high-profile and nasty divorce that the feaux-doctor is currently going through, the former employees and patients of his battling him in court, and the outpouring of public criticism aimed at him by members of the media, I have no idea who sent me this message…but I appreciate the irony.