Carrot Top

Once again, the Celebrity Death Poll is heading underground to take care of long overdue business. This month, we’re focusing our aim at prop-comic Carrot Top. I figured I should just go with the “props” theme, and decided to call upon the help of a couple of gadget masters James Wan, Leigh Whannell, and Darren Lynn Bousman from the Saw franchise.

They returned my message later the same day, and the date with death was set! We met at an old abandoned warehouse where the guys revealed their plans. They didn’t want to use a brand new trap because it would take too long to put together, plus there’s sure to be another 5 Saw movies, so they need the material. However, they were nice enough to lend me the services of perhaps the most infamous and recognizable traps from the Saw flicks…the “Reverse Bear Trap Mask”. The contraption is connected to both the upper and lower jaw, and, when triggered, will snap open with enough torque to rip the occupant’s face wide open. Unlike the Saw films, Carrot Top has no chance of freeing himself, and is destined to buy the farm.

Once the muscle bound comedian was in place, and the trap was on Mr. Top’s face, the game had officially begun. We didn’t take pics of the aftermath because you couldn’t tell what was what or even identify Carrot Top. I think the look of terror as impending doom rapidly approaches works quite well. Looks like the Carrot is getting stuck back into the dirt!