Crimson Mask Package!!

Do you like professional wrestling?? Do you remember when it was way more violent than it is today? This print package celebrates the BLOOD, sweat, and tears shed in the ring by some of wrestling's greatest heroes from past and…


Infamous Sinphony: The Ultimate Collection!!

Howdy everybody!! Are you a fan of art? Are you a fan of hardcore music? Are you a fan of art AND hardcore music?? Do you also like winning original art work?? Well, you're in luck!! This new limited edition…

Rock & Shock-Tober!!!

Happy Halloweeny time you all! I've been super busy focusing on these ACEO cards this year, as well as private commissions so I don't have a ton of new big illustrations to post. However....I JUST added over 300 NEW ACEO

Mid-Janu-Scary Update!!

First post of the new year, in my new "News" blog feature thingiemabobber. I ditched the old news feature because it took way too long to update and simply wasn't cutting it anymore. ;)  Thanks for being patient, here's a…