**Artist's Note**
This image was done in the Summer of 2008 and meant purely as a parody of a celebrity making poor decisions and squandering her newfound fame. I would NEVER actually wish anybody ANY harm and was saddened upon hearing the news of her death. My thoughts go out to her friends and family, may she rest in peace.

Amy Winehouse

The Celebrity Death Poll has taken out many high ranking, elusive celebs over the years, and some have been incredibly hard to find. This was not the case with our current winner Amy Winehouse; as she was posted up in yet another mental health clinic. The heroin shooting, crack smoking, coked out train wreck of a talented songstress was obviously trying to avoid the CDP because she was the clear poll leader and knew her time was limited. However, we were lucky enough to have some help getting into the facility from a former patient and Jackass star Steve-O, sorry Amy.

Steve-O brought Johnny Knoxville along for the ride, and I immediately knew that this was going to be a crazy good time. We were tossing around ideas for the execution when Knoxville mentioned something about an old photo shoot that he did for a Rolling Stone cover. In the spread, he was attached to a giant target with a bull’s-eye painted onto him. During the shoot, he was shot repeatedly with paint balls…but obviously, we wouldn’t be using anything non-lethal. The idea was great, and Steve-O made a couple of phone calls to set it up. When we got to the clinic, Amy was already strapped to a padded wall. We painted the bull’s-eye and prepared for the wildest game of “Lethal Injection Darts” ever played.

At first, Winehouse howled and wheezed as we took turns tossing the poison-laced darts, but once they began to kick in, she calmed down. Her tolerance for hazardous, toxic, substances was through the roof and the game ended up lasting for almost an hour. Thanks to Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O for their terrific ideas, and assistance in putting this musical croon down and out of her misery. Looks like poor Amy is now in a pine-house. Okay, that was bad.